The purpose of a psychological assessment is to build up a picture of how a person is currently functioning and gain an idea of things that may be influencing how they are presenting. Assessments can also be used to help look at the likelihood of different behaviours and functioning in the future. Psychological assessments would be undertaken with each client wanting to undertake therapy in order to gain a shared understanding of the problem at hand and to help identify the most suitable way forward in terms of treatment. The same assessments may also be undertaken at the end of therapy in order to gain an overview of how clients view things once they have received the relevant support. In addition to assessments completed with private clients, requests can be made for medico-legal reports and court cases. Assessments may also be requested by services to help inform treatment they are offering their service users.

What does an assessment involve?

If you are a private client assessment means completing relevant questionnaires or exercises and having a chat about difficulties you are experiencing.  It would also help to identify your own personal strengths.

For mental health services or court cases, assessments would require a range of psychometric questionnaires or exercises to be undertaken alongside file reviews and information gathering regarding the client’s life history. Interviews with the client themselves and any other significant people involved in their care would also be of benefit.

What Type of Assessments Are Available?

Assessment of mental health and wellbeing

This can cover symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and personality. Any problems with recognising and coping with emotions could also be explored.

Assessments for social interactions and communication

Different questionnaires can help to evaluate any social, relational and communication difficulties.

Cognitive assessments

Cognitive assessments can help evaluate impairments in thinking, intellectual disabilities or learning difficulties.  Such assessments enable IQ and general intellectual functioning to be measured.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments can be in the form of questionnaires or semi-structured interviews looking at either risk to self or others. This type of assessment would primarily be used within mental health and/ or forensic settings.

Assessment Fees

Quotes for assessments are available on request which would need to take into account the specific requirements and the amount of work involved.

What to do next?

Please email if you wish to enquire about or request this service, stating the type of assessment needed and the purpose of it.

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